Thursday, December 20, 2012

Transmission from the Ashtar Command

Information is nearly instantaneous nowadays. Instead of needing to remember things, it has grown far more important for us to be able to search information systems like the web in order to find the things that we are looking for.

Rather than memorizing baseball stats for the last 100 years or world capitals, it is far more effective and efficient to know how to find that information online. While we could train ourselves to learn systems of complex math in our head, it’s easier and more accurate to just use a calculator.

When looking at the web, we are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of information that is out there, we can instantly find any bit of information we are looking for. While this power is nearly god-like, it does bring about a certain amount of complacency towards the information and stories that are out there.

It feels like sometimes we just glaze over when we are faced with the infinite stores of knowledge that we have available at our fingertips; why bother to learn anything if we can just bookmark and look at it at some point in the future.

The art of learning and exploring has turned many of us into lazy collectors of bookmarks. When we know we can find the answers with ease, we sometimes stop asking questions.

The purpose of this blog is to excite the mind again. All of these articles and stories here have been taken from some node on the web. They are presented here as starting points for future searches and explorations. What we have done and continue to do is collect the stories that excite our minds.

Much in the same way that a DJ chooses songs they like and plays them for an audience, we have made a playlists of the stories that excite and inspire us. They are stories from cutting edge science (like the immortality of wheat and quantum teleportation), and the occult (aleister crowley and the order of the golden dawn), to edge of consciousness (remote viewing, and out of the body experiences). It’s a place for us to put our favorite remixes and edits, and experiments, and showcase music and art which stir our minds and move our souls.

This collection will continue to grow and evolve, and hopefully the site will be place you can go to remind yourself of the beauty and wonder of our world.

Since this is set up as a blog, the dates and posting times are merely arbitrary place holders. Please try to dig deep into the archives, and use the keywords to start your searches.

Ashtar Command


Oaky Productions said...

HI! I LOVE your songs, Deadman's Gun is fantastic, Into Dust, too, etc.... You are a very good group, and I like if you will be more famous, and get out more fantastic songs! Because your songs iluminate me :P
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Bye!!! and Good Luck!

strat said...

All of it is well composed. Fits the film as well.

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Unknown said...

Hey, I havnt forgotten you, lots of us havnt x