Friday, July 4, 2008

Video: Holographic Landscapes (psychedelic nature films)

Visuals and audio by David Wexler

The Holographic Landscapes project explores sequences in nature as synaesthetic messages of great importance. As much a subtle meditation on nature as it is a hallucinatory journey into the mind, Holographic Landscapes investigates the inherent connections between music and nature, observer and object, and micro and macro.

For this series, Wexler discovered a new cinematic technique, a variation of the Droste Effect, he calls the SSRD Process (Self-Similar Recursive Dissolve Process). Through this process, a shot can appear to be infinitely self-similar and recursive, like a fractal.

Created in 2006 as the first part of an ongoing series.

Premiered at Invisible Landscapes
Upstairs @ the Market Gallery 2006 in Downtown Los Angeles

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