Monday, August 31, 2009


It's hard to come up with words to memorialize DJ AM. He glowed, and embraced life with a passion that was apparent to everyone he encountered. He was so respectful, supportive, kind hearted and encouraging of his fellow artists and DJs.

In a town that is famous for insincerity and gladhanding, I have never heard a single negative word uttered about Adam.

He loved music with the innocence of a child and that joy was contagious. He was an ambassador and host for the city of Los Angeles. Whenever anyone was in town he would invite them to his house for dinner and a screening. He was someone who grew up in LA, and knew the history of every street corner, every bar or club that had come and gone over the years. He could talk to you with the same depth of knowledge and joy about the newest Daft Punk remix as easily as he could about an old psych track, or house classic, or obscure punk rock jam.

He was technically one of the greatest DJs I've ever seen. I was in awe of his talent, and the ease that flowed out of him behind his laptop and serato mixer. He was always excited to show you some new little trick he had came up with, or some secret feature that they had added to serato as his request. He inspired us.

He was generous to a fault. I remember one year at Steve Aoki's birthday at the Cinespace, he gave Steve a brand new macbook filled with thousands of his favorite songs as a birthday present. While other friends were giving Steve hugs and high fives, Adam had given him a piece of his soul.

He will be missed dearly by all not only for the obvious reasons, but for the little things as well; someone you could always have an intelligent conversation with at a crowded bar, someone who would always save you a space at the table, someone who would always ask what you have been up to before ever talking about himself.

He made his fellow djs feel like it was all worthwhile. You don't dj and remix for the people in front of the turntables, you do it for the ones like Adam, the ones that make you care, make you want to be better, and remind you that you are never alone.

We love him, and will miss him dearly. His joy will always guide me whenever I stand behind two turntables at a club.


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that was a lovely statement, Chris;
i wish i met him